“Cancer does not mean end of life. This dangerous disease can be cured properly by right treatment at the right time. Earlier people used to think that there was no possibility of recovery for cancer.

But nowadays cancer can be treated and recovery is possible through modern treatment and modalities. Homeopathic treatment for cancer is very effective and it has proved beneficial in curing a lot of patients of various types of cancer. The most important thing is that the patient must have great patience, courage and self-confidence to defeat cancer.”

8 years ago I had some trouble in my throat. I could not eat for severe pain in the neck. I would spit blood all the time. I could not even sleep in the night. A biopsy detected cancer. I went to Apollo hospital and even after two and half months of treatment I did not get any result. Then I went to SARDCC and took treatment from DR. SA Ahmed for about 8 months. For last eight years I have been completely healthy.

Ramani Mohan Das - Joykuchi, Kamrup (Assam)

8 years ago I was diagnosed with throat cancer. I consulted many doctors but got no results. Eating was difficult and sticky fluids were leaking from my throat all the time. I had almost given up all hope for life. One day I learnt about Dr. SA Ahmed and SARDCC from newspapers and went there for treatment. Since then I have been healthy for last 8 years.

Banikanta Das - Dhekiabari, Morigaon

12 years ago I had throat cancer. I got treatment at various places but to no avail. I could not eat or sleep because of severe pain in my throat. There was bleeding from my throat frequently. After getting treatment from Dr. SA Ahmed at SARDCC, I have been completely healthy for last 12 years.

Sunil Roy - Bimala Nagar, Guwahati

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with blood cancer. Initially I went to the Assam Medical College in Dibrugarh but even after a year of treatment I did not get any result. The doctors told me that there is no cure for this and advised me to stay at home and. I was becoming anemic and weak day by day. Then I took treatment at SARDCC from Dr. SA Ahmed. For last six years I have been completely healthy.

Rajen Bora - Pulibor, Jorhat, Assam

In 1992 I was suffering from acute stomach ache. I was diagnosed with liver cancer at AIIMS. The doctors suggested chemotherapy but my husband decided not to go for chemo and took me back home. In 2002 I had severe pain and bleeding from the stomach. I got treatment from Dr. Bholanath Chakraborty in Kolkata but got no result. Eventually I learnt about Dr. SA Ahmed and came to him. His treatment has cured me and I have been completely healthy for last 17 years. I am convinced that homeopathy can cure liver cancer.

Neelam Kapoor - Suraj Nagar, New Delhi

I was suffering from bone disease for a long time. Initially I went to Sanjeevani Hospital at Maligaon and was diagnosed with bone cancer. The doctor said my hand would need to be amputed but I did not want to go for amputation. Eventually I took treatment from Dr. SA Ahmed for nine months and now I am completely cured. For last several years I have been healthy.

Bhogeshwari Rangpi - Jagiroad, Assam

I am 50 years old. I had started treatment when I was on the threshold of death due to colon cancer. I could not eat. I had severe pain in the stomach and had bleeding while defecating. I thought I would not be able to live. Then I took six months of treatment at SARDCC from Dr. SA Ahmed. For last six years I am completely cured.

Sudhangshu Das - Kokrajhar, Assam