Oesophagus Cancer
Throat Cancer
Liver Cancer
Stomach Cancer
Colon Cancer
Breast Cancer
Blood Cancer (CML/AML)
Lung Cancer
Bone Cancer
Pancreas Cancer
Brain Cancer
Uterine Cancer

Our Strong Points

We, at SARDCC, always believe in serving the humanity to the best of our ability and our actions reflect it.

  1. Timely Treatment

    We try to take immediate care of the patient rather than the vicious circle of documentation and other trivial tasks. For us, patient and recovery comes first and anything else can be taken care of later.

  2. Responsible Pricing

    SARDCC runs on a service model and we try to provide our service at best modest price possible. We are also keen on giving back to the society and our CSR activities justify that.

  3. Empathy

    For us, patients are like our friends. We treat them with empathy and compassion so that they feel at home during the disastrous time of the illness.

  4. Homely Environment

    SARDCC staff are trained in such a way that they consider it their home and the patients as their friends and family members. So a calmly home environment is always ensured here.

From CMD’s Desk

“Cancer does not mean end of life. This dangerous disease can be cured properly by right treatment at the right time. Earlier people used to think that there was no possibility of recovery for cancer.

But nowadays cancer can be treated and recovery is possible through modern treatment and modalities. Homeopathic treatment for cancer is very effective and it has proved beneficial in curing a lot of patients of various types of cancer. The most important thing is that the patient must have great patience, courage and self-confidence to defeat cancer.”

Finished Projects

Let The Numbers Speak

3000Patients Treated
20Trained Professional
300Recoveries Per Month
12Diagnostic Procedures

Latest News

Salient Features !

SARDCC stands for trust. These are some of the few reasons why people have faith in us.

  1. 1
    30 Years of Experience

    Three decades of trust and reliability makes us stand apart.

  2. 2
    Strong Team

    Our fully dedicated team of medical staff ensures speedy recovery and utmost care during the treatment

  3. 3
    Central Location

    SARDCC is situated at a place which is easily accessible from various corners of the city.

  4. 4
    Advanced Booking Option

    You can make advanced booking over phone call, email or WhatsApp.

  5. 5
    Reasonable Pricing

    We provide cancer treatment at a very affordable price.

100% CURE


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